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158 FAQ's on the UAE Corporate Tax System!

The UAE Tax Authorities published today the UAE Corporate Tax Law. At the same time also a new FAQ document is published by the MOF in the UAE which answers 158 questions! Written in clear language and gives a lot of clarity on the below mentioned topics.

A. Corporate Tax - Overview

B. Scope and rate

C. Natural Persons

D. Juridical persons

E. Partnerships

F. Trusts and Family Foundations

G. Investment Funds and Investment Managers

H. Branches

I. Foreign persons

J. Taxable Income

K. Income exempt from CT

L. Deductions

M. Transfer pricing

N. Losses

O. Tax Credits

P. Free Zones

Q. Sectors

R. Tax Groups

S. Group Relief

T. Financial Records

U. Administration

V. Pillar 2

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