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FTA - Get to know your Tax Obligations

The Federal Tax Authority in the UAE published a document called 'Get to know your Tax Obligations' to create more awareness regarding the Tax Obligations and right to recover input tax.

The topics covered are as follows:

- Do you need to register for Value Added Tax?

- Which supplies are subject to %5 VAT?

- Which supplies are subject to VAT at zero-rate?

- What are the supplies that are exempt from VAT?

- What records should you keep and for how long?

- Can I form a Tax Group?

- Creating and using your e-services account

- How do I calculate the VAT included in the amounts I receive from the client?

- What are your obligations after registration?

- Your Entitlement to recover input tax

- Contacting the FTA

The document can be downloaded from here:

FTA get to know your rights
Download PDF • 331KB

Do you want to learn more about VAT in the GCC and are you looking for more in-depth information about VAT? Do you want to get a good understanding on the VAT concepts? Have a look at the study book here.

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