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Fundamentals of GCC VAT book now only for 49 EUR for PwC Academy Students

Fundamentals of GCC VAT Law is since its publication a best seller* and reached readers in almost 20 countries! It explains important VAT concepts in a simple way and describes the rules not only in the UAE but also in KSA, Bahrain and Oman. Now you can get your copy with a 50% discount for only EUR 49 (normal price including delivery is EUR 98). Read some testimonials from tax professionals about the book - Nibale Hamdan, L’Oréal Middle East Head of Tax GCC VAT Law is a must-read for every tax professional in the GCC. It is said if you can explain it simply, you understand it well enough! Authors have delivered a well written book, simple and easy to follow. - Mubeen Khadir, KPMG Bahrain Partner - Head of Tax Fundamentals of GCC VAT Law is an excellent resource for all GCC tax professionals. Halil and Wouter have delivered a well written, practical and easy to understand technical resource on GCC VAT - well done!

This book is the first of its kind and provides the reader with an understanding of the fundamentals of VAT that has recently been introduced in the GCC Member States. It aims to give the reader an insight into the systematics, functioning and the principles of the GCC VAT systems as well as the implementation by each Member State.

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Do you want to learn more about VAT in UAE? Fundamentals of GCC VAT Law is then a must have for you!

*In the category local authors, Kinokuniya Dubai Mall

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