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January, a month for reflection!

January is a month for reflection. Time flies! It has been 6 months now since Wouter and I have published the book Fundamentals of GCC VAT Law. The first book of its kind, providing the reader with an understanding of the workings of GCC VAT. We could never have dreamt of such a positive response and appreciation by students, tax and finance professionals from all over the world (From Russia to US and many countries in between).

Here are some interesting facts:

  • The website is not only where the book is sold but also contains a popular blog with the latest GCC tax updates, attracting thousands of recurring visitors from more than 25 countries!

  • The book has been sold to readers in 13 countries!

  • The book is available in one of the largest malls in the world: Dubai Mall (Kinokuniya bookstore)

  • The book gave us the opportunity to (virtually) meet and connect with hundreds of people

  • The book will be part of the curriculum in various universities (stay tuned for updates)

  • Something I am personally proud of is the fact that the book has been purchased and used by professionals in each of the Big4 firms, several GCC tax authorities and numerous multinational organizations.

  • The feedback received is amazing and beyond expectations: see the testimonial page:

All together, we are very grateful and happy that we took the decision and spent more than one year to work on this project. We hope that this will be just a start and that more tax practitioners will contribute and publish articles and books on the topic of GCC taxation so we can all learn from each others knowledge and experience!

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