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Oman VAT Taxpayer Guide on Oil & Gas

The Oman Tax Authority has published a VAT taxpayer guide that discussed the Oil & Gas industry related VAT considerations.

The Guide gives the much needed clarity on Upstream, Midstream and Downstream activities and their VAT treatment.


Upstream activities are concerned with searching for potential underground crude oil and natural gas fields, drilling exploratory wells, and subsequently drilling appraisal and development wells, constructing surface facilities to aid the lifting of the hydrocarbon to the surface and processing the hydrocarbon to separate gas, oil and associated water, if any.


Midstream activities are concerned with the raw hydrocarbon resource transportation of the crude and natural gas via oil pipelines, gas pipelines, or tanker truck to the storage facility for export or distribution to the refineries/ or customers. Midstream activities also includes storage of raw hydrocarbons, and liquefaction of natural gas to LNG.

Downstream Downstream operations are concerned with transformation processes of raw hydrocarbons (oil and gas) and convert them to final products for use by consumers and industrial units. Downstream operations typically commence with any supply made after delivery of hydrocarbons to a refinery, and will include storage of finished products of hydrocarbons such as petrol, diesel etc.

More details can be found in the guide that can be downloaded here:

Oman VAT Taxpayer Guide Oil & Gas
Download PDF • 1.03MB

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