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Voluntary Disclosure User Guide updated

The Federal Tax Authority ("FTA") has updated its Voluntary Disclosure User Guide for VAT and Excise Tax. This is a much appreciated update as the previous version dated back to July 2018.

The new guide provides insight in the current procedures on how voluntary disclosure should be submitted. Different procedures apply to VAT returns, acknowledged Voluntary Disclosures, or acknowledged tax assessments.

The new guide confirms Tax Group Voluntary Disclosures can only be submitted by the Tax Group representative member (if active) or by the last representative member (if the Tax Group has been deregistered). Other members of the Tax Group cannot file Voluntary Disclosures but can view submissions made to the FTA.

The guide reaffirms that the Voluntary Disclosure must be accompanied by an official letter outlining the relevant background facts as well as a detailed description of the errors. This letter is required for Voluntary Disclosures made by 'regular' taxpayers as well as Voluntary Disclosures by representative members of a Tax Group.

See the pdf document below:

Voluntary-Disclosure-user-guide-English.pdf Feb 2022
Download PDF • 1.21MB

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