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Howard Hull
Al Futtaim Group
Tax Strategy Advisor

An excellent contribution to thought leadership in the region! Studying my copy with interest.

Mubeen Khadir
KPMG Bahrain
Partner - Head of Tax

Fundamentals of GCC VAT Law is an excellent resource for all GCC tax professionals. Halil and Wouter have delivered a well written, practical and easy to understand technical resource on GCC VAT - well done!

Nibale Hamdan
L’Oréal Middle East
Head of Tax

Fundamentals of GCC VAT Law is a must-read for every tax professional in the GCC. It is said if you can explain it simply, you understand it well enough! Authors have delivered a well written book, simple and easy to follow.

Monir El Barnoussi
Deloitte UAE
Tax Manager

Halil and Wouter have done a more important job than most of us realise; they laid down the fundamentals on which we can build as tax lawyers bringing more maturity to the VAT practice by writing literature.

Nassim Tanouti
Dubai Islamic Bank
VP Tax & Financial Accounting

Thank you for turning an idea into a book which is clear and concise and offers all the information you need to master the fundamentals of GCC VAT law! A must read!

Shata Ataie
Deloitte UAE
Senior Tax Manager

A long awaited, easy to read and all you need to know about GCC VAT fundamentals summarized in one book!

Nimish Goel
Dhruva Advisors

It felt great to hold the book, it’s overall look and feel, the content it covers, exhaustive illustrations and simplified writing will go a long way in helping many people understand VAT much better in the region. All the best!!

Mohammed Al Katheeri
Senior Financial Controller

We have been looking for a comprehensive guide about GCC VAT with detailed information and finally here its, Thanks to Authors for their efforts.

Freya Ahuja
Tax Manager

The book is a unique contribution to the GCC VAT knowledge base that explains complex topics in a simple and easy to understand manner. The book also highlights the similarities and differences in the VAT legislation applicable in different GCC countries, which makes it a one-stop reference point and a must-have for all tax professionals in the region!

Mohamed Fayçal Charfeddine
Aujan Coca-Cola Beverages Company
Global Head of Tax

Fundamentals of GCC VAT Law is an excellent contribution to understand the VAT principles introduced in the region in 2018. It covers both the GCC VAT treaty provisions as well as domestic VAT laws enacted so far. The book is not a compilation of laws and guides. On the contrary, for every VAT concept, it takes a step back to explain the theory behind the policy providing the reader with tools to understand the current rules and keys to comprehend any future amendment in the tax policy.

Jasem Al Mulla
AM Abdulla ALmulla audit

As the owner of an auditing company I highly recommend this book because it clarifies specific VAT questions and provides up-to-date information on VAT.

Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Abdulla
UAE University
Assistant Professor

Fundamentals of GCC VAT Law is a well written guide on VAT. More importantly, it is an essential guide when it comes to studying this subject. It is by far the most reliable and useful work of its kind.

Dr. Fatih Mehmet
Fakeeh University Hospital

This book is quite comprehensive and a great guide full of important information. Authors have written a must-read book for anyone working in finance and/or considering a tax related career.

Noora Khalfan
KPMG Bahrain
Tax Intern

The book is very beneficial and summarises the VAT laws in a coherent style. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is in the field of tax or interested in gaining more knowledge on VAT.

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